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The album is unlike anything else...On this album, love is weird. It’s fanatic, fleeting, fabulous. And, most of all, it’s grand. Because what could be better than two love jerks finding each other and forgetting the rest? Get a little closer to synth-pop heaven and stream Million Movies below and keep an eye out for the Love Jerks’ next live show.
— Lilly Milman for The Deli
If you’re looking for witty, whimsical, and totally whacked album to entertain you this weekend, pick up Love, Jerks‘ Million Movies. The project of married duo Bryan Garza and Rebecca Garza-Bortman, Love, Jerks’ debut LP is an absolute riot. Think Deerhoof after each band member has consumed a dozen espressos.
— Ben Yung for The Revue
The Love Jerks take silly very seriously ... I can’t imagine there being any bad days in the Love Jerks household. They create a world on stage where fantasy is normalcy and there’s always a reason to smile.
— SarahJayn Kemp for The Bay Bridged
Spry lo-fi rock operettas culled from melodramatic matinees and real-life romance, “Movies,” croon and schmooze in heavy-petting show-stoppers, jiving to hoodwinked hullabaloos, skinny-tie shin-digs and Friday-night house-parties. Fun-loving punks crashing renegade serenades into hopped-up teen anthems, Love Jerks cruise in gear boy-girl face-offs, retro-swinging kitsch dishing electric-blue doo-wop and gushing New Wave hustle; savvy finales crafted for ravenous off-Broadway cabaret.
— Maximum Ink
As a pop culture fanatic, this [upcoming] album brought back a lot of memories, but also blended sounds into a modern mixture that soundtracks could use right now. There’s a resurgence in turntables and 70’s and 80’s pop/rock right now that a lot of visual material is taking advantage of. This album is the companion to that world that people could definitely use.
— Bryan Kastelan

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