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As a pop culture fanatic, this [upcoming] album brought back a lot of memories, but also blended sounds into a modern mixture that soundtracks could use right now. There’s a resurgence in turntables and 70’s and 80’s pop/rock right now that a lot of visual material is taking advantage of. This album is the companion to that world that people could definitely use.
— Bryan Kastelan
San Francisco band Love Jerks (Bryan Garza of Scissors for Lefty and Rebecca Bortman of Happy Fangs) made their live debut Saturday with a bunch of spacey, danceable love songs with beautiful harmonies...Their performance style was pure performance art, with a “virtual drummer,” astronauts and flamingos.
— RIFF Magazine
The psychedelic track has the lovebirds trading off on lead vocals, and that combination, along with their hazy, old-school instrumentation, is about as beautiful as Bortman’s account of her first date with Garza.
— Derrick Rossignol for Nerdist
Maybe it’s the nice weather, or simply the video and the song’s all too rare reminder that sometimes love is actually fun!
— Luke O'Neil for Bullett

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