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As a pop culture fanatic, this [upcoming] album brought back a lot of memories, but also blended sounds into a modern mixture that soundtracks could use right now. There’s a resurgence in turntables and 70’s and 80’s pop/rock right now that a lot of visual material is taking advantage of. This album is the companion to that world that people could definitely use.
— Bryan Kastelan
San Francisco band Love Jerks (Bryan Garza of Scissors for Lefty and Rebecca Bortman of Happy Fangs) made their live debut Saturday with a bunch of spacey, danceable love songs with beautiful harmonies...Their performance style was pure performance art, with a “virtual drummer,” astronauts and flamingos.
— RIFF Magazine
The psychedelic track has the lovebirds trading off on lead vocals, and that combination, along with their hazy, old-school instrumentation, is about as beautiful as Bortman’s account of her first date with Garza.
— Derrick Rossignol for Nerdist on the single "Gold Sparkle"
Maybe it’s the nice weather, or simply the video and the song’s all too rare reminder that sometimes love is actually fun!
— Luke O'Neil for Bullett on the single "Sunny Boobs"

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