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Valentine’s Day show at The Rickshaw Stop. Love Jerks headlining.

Valentine’s Day show at The Rickshaw Stop. Love Jerks headlining.

San Francisco duo, Love Jerks loves to put on a glam-tastic rock show. As The Bay Bridged says “They create a world on stage where fantasy is normalcy and there’s always a reason to smile.”

The offspring of two lead singers—Bryan Garza of Scissors for Lefty (vocals, guitar) and Rebecca Garza-Bortman of Happy Fangs and My First Earthquake (vocals, bass)—Love Jerks was born when these two jerks, yes, fell in love. The result feels fated: magnetic melodies, wry lyricism, and a whimsical stage show. Or as Maximum Ink writes: “Fun-loving punks crashing renegade serenades into hopped-up teen anthems.”

Love Jerks is currently looking to hit the road with a bigger band. Their live setup is tailor-made for an opener slot with their small front-of-stage footprint. The pair brings their third member, a virtual psychedelic animal drummer, on their own short-throw projector and screen. This allows for a reveal for the headliner’s set. Just when you thought fanatical couldn't also be practical. 😘 


Dream Pop / Future Wave / Art Rock


Prince Rama / Grimes / Belle & Sebastian / Talking Heads / Tame Impala / Pulp

Performance History

Bryan has played 500+ shows across North America & Europe, as the frontman for Scissors for Lefty (signed to Rough Trade). Rebecca has toured across North America, as the frontwoman for Happy Fangs and My First Earthquake. Together they are unstoppable. More about the band »

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The Lovely Live Logistics


Easy Setup

The duo has a full sound, but a small stage footprint. In lieu of a drum kit, they tour with an ultra short-throw projector and freestanding screen, setting up in front of other gear and quick for load-out.

Magnetic Performance

The Bay Bridged said it best: “The Love Jerks take silly very seriously… It’s a beautiful thing when performers seem so perfectly content on stage — like there’s no place else they’d rather be.”

Press Support

The band works with Girlie Action on press and social support, with several new singles and music video releases in the works for 2019. 

The Show that Started It All...

Love Bites

Funny video quickies we’ve made to promote past shows!