Sometimes we need
to be kept on our toes.


Love Jerks is a San Francisco duo who make future-sound New Wave anthems and dream-pop ballads that leave you no choice but to dance, or swoon, or both. The offspring of two longtime lead singers—Bryan Garza of Scissors for Lefty (vocals, guitar) and Rebecca Garza-Bortman of Happy Fangs and My First Earthquake (vocals, bass)—Love Jerks was born when these two jerks, yes, fell in love. They met in a rock club; got married in a rock club; and somewhere in between they discovered a mutual affection for Grimes, The Pretenders, Tame Impala, and French pop from the 1960s. The result feels fated: magnetic melodies, wry lyricism, and a theatrical stage show that the pair bring to life with the help of their third member, a virtual psychedelic animal drummer. Love Jerks’ first full-length is due out fall 2018.

Story Time

A few years back, Bryan Garza of Scissors For Lefty headed out to the iconic San Francisco venue, Bottom of The Hill to see a friend's band play. Before he could finish the last sip of his drink, the next band, fronted by Rebecca Bortman, took the stage in a flurry.  He was instantly smitten. They didn’t speak that night, but within months they were in love. 

A year later, their two bands shared the stage at Bottom of The Hill, where Bryan proposed in true rock opera fashion (she said yes, actually F*ck yeah!).

Together, Rebecca & Bryan created a totally insane way to celebrate their life-long promises to each other—they wrote & performed a full-fledged rock opera as their wedding ceremony. The fun didn't stop there, they are now bringing a new magic to stages across the West Coast with an unreleased full length album waiting in the wings.